SolarTruck by oSol:e

Safe money and energy with our SolarTruck

Is it not unbelievable that the surfaces of 200,000 truck trailers announced in Germany are not even provided with Photovoltaik?

They drive day by day in the country up and down. They use for driving and often also in the state a lot of energy (diesel). It is very easy to use the big surfaces for the power production nevertheless, there is worldwide no standard product.

Our solar system for the SolarTruck is light and can be also raised afterwards on a hard trailer (suitcase). Cooling and avionics can be supplied with the free energy. With hybrid vehicles the impulse can be supported, in addition, with it.

Environment protection, energy conservation and reduction in costs can be so easy. . .
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Every trailer has a roof surface of 36 square metres – this makes in the sum 7 million square metres of pot. The solar surface which is not used. Computationally 13,650,000 kWh (13. 6 million) of stream / energy could be won with it in the year, be produced much less diesel burntly, much less CO2 output…