.STOOL sustainable Solar Lights

Our solar lights are able to do what they have to do: shine long and brightly

The .STOOL solar lamps are self-sufficient solar lights with the world novelty „Film-Photovoltaik (OPV)“ made in Germany.

…Finally, the solar lights which deliver long good light
…Finally, lamps they look good and are long-lasting!

Up to 35 hours of light with 6 hours of sun of refuelling, this is possible even in Germany in summer every single day. This performance data is crowned with an exemplarily lasting product concept


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TL Düne02 560x560

The solar lamps .STOOL are a strong contribution to environmental protection.

You do not consume additional energy and may just like a tree trunk are recycled in all components. The lamps are fully recyclable, and especially durable. Quality and durability are the best environmental protection. The frame is made of stainless metal (stainless steel or brass). The lampshade is also the solar power plant. Only one gram of weltneuheit film photovoltaics is per square meter is required to make the film a solar module. At the same time, these solar cells can generate electricity extremely well in partial shade.


The .STOOL solar lamps are robust and mobile, they need only: The SUN!

For a romantic picnic by the lake subtle lighting fits just as well as the tasty content in a picnic basket. You can take it with the solar lamps lighting .stool everywhere necessary is ellein sunlight to it in the evening to have light and thus to create a special atmosphere. But also on the terrace, in the garden and even in the house is a wireless lamp a real asset. When and where light is needed – it’s just there!



The .STOOL solar lamps are highly appreciated for their comfort

The workmanship is top quality, the components are also in commercial use for volume production. many lamps can be controlled centrally by APP, therefore must not be charged with a cable, could stumble over the guest …
A win-win situation: there are no running costs, so only praise and customer satisfaction remains as an additional income of small solar power plants!