eMobility | Individual solar developments with big potential

For transport and warmth we need a lot of energy – however, oil and coal are limited raw materials. Only with the use of regenerative energy we receive our resources for the future and can preserve our environment.
These are often easy solutions, of the big use are – they must be only wanted and be moved. The politics can help in it, it, however, just like that also without this support possibly. The references shown here / products already amortise after few years.


Solar-Ttruck” use of the surface of the „trailer“ as a carrier for the energetic support of the transport system

Urbane small truck

Urbane small truck: the hybrid impulse in combination with our solar system can serve here to make the transport system self-sufficient

The Green Train

Studio by order of Deutsche Bahn AG – to determine the potential of the integration of Photovotaik in a train

Innovative Photovoltaik on film-base is relevant particularly for mobile uses if weight, plasticity and vibration play a big role. We have the partners with whom big becomes possible.