Charging infrastructure E-mobility with 2wheels

We are convinced that eBikes have an unimagined potential for mobility. eBikes can make a big contribution immediately, not just in many years – like future e-cars. EBikes (pedelcs, pedelecs, e-cargo bikes, e-scooters) are still considered „toys“ or „holiday equipment“.

  • E-cargo bikes can (almost) completely replace the delivery traffic in the cities
  • E-Scooters can (almost) completely replace the city’s car traffic.

If the capacity of the battery is no longer a problem because decentralized charging points are available, then the revolution can begin !

The benefits are undisputed

  • No traffic jam
  • No search for a parking space
  • no parking in 2nd row on delivery
  • No exhaust
  • No fine dust


green_station theSchrank

The green_station is self-sufficient due to solar and wind power and therefore 100% CO2 neutral
The contribution to a climate-neutral mobility


city_station theSchrank

The city_station is the unpretentious urban model, with solar support it can form a complete network of charging infrastructure. The contribution to a climate-friendly urban mobility.

The e-bike as means of private transport

Distances up to max. 5 km are done by bicycle, then most users change to other means of transport. The e-Bike can easily cope with 15/20 km – relaxed and without sweating. It can thus take a large share of the mobility.

  • Healthy exercise
  • Have fun instead of car stress
  • No traffic jam
  • No search for a parking space
  • Very energy efficient mobility

We offer the first smart charging infrastructure for e-bikes

  • Safely
  • Comfortable
  • with best Future7
  • Smart

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