Waiting area for tram / bus


  • Self-sufficient station / microarchitecture
  • Use of OLED for lighting
  • Use of OPV for energy production
  • innovative design and product concept


Wartehallo innovativ

Concept of a tram waiting hall for Potsdam. Building block of a Co2-neutral urban infrastructure.


A waiting hall is more than just a weather protection.

oSole GmbH has developed a product with leading manufacturers and researchers of the OPV and the OLED (Fraunhofer, Opvius, Varta) that demonstrates the advantages of a self-sufficient system. Semitransparent organic photovoltaics supply the waiting room with the necessary power, OLED modules enable energy-saving, intelligent lighting control, and customer information systems are made even more attractive by smart technology.


  • Intelligent lighting control, dimming, approach / warning light
  • OPV as an energy source
  • OLED for scoreboard and advertising


Climate-friendly concepts are also needed in the neighboring city of Berlin.